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How Can Companies Keep Up With Customers?
How Can Companies Keep Up With Customers?
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In this evolving competitive landscape, brands need to keep up with consumer trends to thrive in 2022. If you don’t meet consumer needs, customers can and will find an alternative. Ideologies now center on supporting conversational marketing so that consumers can get information more quickly and experience one on one interactions.



As Zara underwent a situation that it had never experienced before , its ability to ship products to its stores was either halted or severely slowed due to lockdowns. Before the pandemic, Zara had massive daily sales and had been showing significant increases in inventory turnover, which indicated the company was in a healthy financial position. Zara has maintained a website under the domain "" and has an app with the same name. All the store’s products are displayed on its website and application, and customers can easily make orders through either. However, the coronavirus greatly affected Zara due to the shutdown of stores and the shift in consumer preferences and spending patterns . The Wall Street Journal reported that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, downloads of Zara’s app fell by around 14% in US markets.



"While people by and large have been shopping less, they’ve been buying more," Catalina said. Management of mental health continues to face a scarcity of in-person psychological and psychiatric resources, but consumers and patients may now benefit from innovative healthcare delivery models. An impressive initiative is a pilot in the US between the National Council for Behavioral Health, the American Pharmacists Association and Walgreens to train the pharmacy’s staff in mental health first aid. The project aims to improve overall mental health outcomes and will extend the role of the pharmacist as healthcare professional into a new dimension. Mental well-being via over-the-counter products with a ‘stress relief’ or ‘calming’ claim is being targeted in the VDS market both by larger mainstream players and smaller, premium brands.



Goodwill is an intangible but valuable asset every business should invest in and nurture. Businesses with finite mindsets concentrate their efforts on profitability and beating the competition. Companies with infinite mindsets focus on growing a sustainable and trustworthy business with courageous leadership committed to a just cause and existential flexibility.



"Clients should feel welcome and must be able to find what they need within the ecosystem. Customers want more, and banks began to seek ways to offer human, digital banking experiences. Retailers will continue to use these technologies and more to streamline micro-fulfillment and last-mile delivery in 2022, but digital and automation integration don't stop there. Additionally, Walmart now has fully driverless trucks that transport online grocery orders from a dark store to a nearby consumer facing store for pickup.



Finally, travel and hospitality brands should define adjacent business models to service customers more comprehensively. This goes beyond ancillary revenue from things like meals, baggage fees, and seat room. Many travel brands have the foundation and scale to expand their business territories in areas such as retail, food and beverage, entertainment, financial services, etc. Beyond the flight or stay, these new categories have to be informed by a better understanding of the customer. Zara will outperform its competitors during the COVID-19 pandemic because the factors which drive fast fashion consumption are still prevalent. Zara became famous because of its responsiveness and shorter production lead-times (i.e. weeks rather than months).



Read more about buy IG Likes here. Find out more about micro-influencer opportunities for your brand by downloading our marketing trends for consumer brands 2022 guide. To truly achieve this, organizations must set digital marketing maturity as the objective. Making this an achievable KPI will help to get engagement across teams, regions and geographical departments to make the shift towards a digital-first marketing strategy. To learn more about the best practices for structuring digital communication goals and objectives, download your free copy of our marketing trends for consumer brands 2022 guide. Without a doubt, the world of consumer marketing has transformed beyond recognition in the past 18 months. Savvy consumer goods brands marketers need to consider digital transformation when planning their plan of attack for 2021.



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